April 4th, 2004


Great shows that Fox has cancelled in the past three years without even showing a full season...

Greg the Bunny (dude, that show was so wrong)
The Tick
Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Keen Eddie (yendi likes it, I've never seen it)

And Wonderfalls.

Buncha pigfuckers over at Fox, I swear. *fume*

EDIT: And Arrested Development is another smart fun show on Fox, so don't expect that to be renewed for next season.
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SillyMe - Photognome

And in supermarket news...

Georgia blue laws = lots of annoyed Jews who had to put their Manischewitz back on the shelf.

I have purchased pretty-much ready-made stuff for this seder. Kugel mix and whatnot. Sorry. Maybe next year, if I'm not having hy00ge medical issues, I can take the day off to cook.

I now weigh 99 pounds. I'm very conflicty anout that.

Nothing to do with the supermarket, but tallin gives us an Animanics segment with we will never ever see:

"One day me and Randy Beeman were playin' real rough, and he screamed out the Safe Word, and I ignored him. Okay bye."

Y: "How insane are you?" Me: "About the usual." Y: "Oh, okay."

So I come back from my walk, and I inform yendi that we are going to have four wedding receptions.

And yes, the above exchange then took place.

No, really, see - the wedding and small reception for family and a few friends, right?

Then the big house party for all of our friends, and that can be a potluck kinda thing.

And we both know his mom is going to throw us a reception in Arizona.

And not all of our Florida friends can travel, and Mom will want a few of her friends, so we can have a Florida reception when I bring Elayna down for the winter break.

yendi was unwilling to admit that this makes perfect sense. "What, are you going to have Boston and New York receptions too?"

"That's a great idea!"

Though it was settled that we really don't have enough New York people to justify a reception there; the NY people can just schlep down to Boston. Because 5 receptions might actually be enough.

I still need a wedding icon.
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