March 22nd, 2004

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Happy Monday

Happy birthday to mouseferatu!

Hello to new readers misskitten77, museumfreak, shiftercat, someirishdude, supremegoddess1, sworddancer, and wyckhurst!

State of the 'song: Projects
Didn't get to my bedroom-cleanup, but made *massive* progress in yendi's home office. We have a lot of laundry to do now... but, for those who've seen it - there is now nothing between the door and the loveseat but narrow stacks of books along the side. Yes. You can walk up to the loveseat. And sit on it.

State of the 'song: Body
My right hip has been bothering me... not pain, just stiffness. And a tooth broke this morning, godfuckingdammit, so now I need dental work and I get panic attacks so I'm gonna need to be 100% unconscious for that. (Yes, proto-'song was okay without any anesthesia. Proto-'song wasyears away from her first panic attack.) I swear, my warranty ran out a few years back. You'd think I was sixty from my laundry list of medical complaints.

I forgot to bring my book to read at lunch! Thankfully, I have a backup book, one I've already read (Inspiration Sandwich, by SARK), but I was really looking forward to Medicine Road.

So how was your weekend?
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I'm blogging this

The soul selects its own society

Why Nerds are Unpopular

Thoughts on this by azurelunatic, who I got this link from.

As Azz says, there are lots of good points here; I'd encourage you to read this article yourself.

As for how nerds grow up... well, who here wasn't/isn't a nerd? And at a certain point, whether during or after high school, we learn to be proud of our nerdiness. We realize how freakin' stupid the kids who concentrated only on clothes and popularity were.

But in the meantime, yeah, it's pretty hellish. I have a temper, so it wasn't as bad for me as for, say, bahtswana, who was shyer and more fragile and got beat up. Hiding was his defense mechanism. Aggression was mine.

Of course, when you're in school, you don't realize this sort of thing. You're so mired in the suckitude of the ostracization that you can't really see your way out of it.

But once you get out into the real world... you find other nerds. You find people with whom you fit. If you're lucky, you find a partner like yendi with whom you can trade comic book quips and sci-fi quotes all the livelong day. Even if you don't have a partner...

You have LJ.

I mean, c'mon. You're posting your thoughts on the internet. The "cool kids" from high school? They're on AOL. They don't know shit. You guys are on a site that intrinsically attracts other nerds. Where you can click on a link and find other people who are interested in Blake's 7 or Golden-Age sci-fi or certain indie comics or cult B-movies. You can "meet" these people, read each other, develop online friendships, even, if they're local, develop offline friendships as well.

Now that we're "grown up", we're able, online and offline, to stop dealing with the Cool Kids altogether. To be in groups where there's pride in our geekitude (witness shawnj's trivia challenge).

"We may not be the prettiest, or the smartest, or the most powerful. But we don't exist for the beautiful people of the world! We're there for the oddball, the rebel, the outcast, the geek!"
--The Specials

I'd be interested in other thoughts (I know mine are scattershot; I kept getting interrupted). theferrett, I'm lookin' at you.
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Kung-fu grip

alphafenris plans his ideal Shadesong Action Figure Line:

"Workplace Playset" includes:
"Arrogant Prof Figure" - Pull his string to hear one of twenty sayings. Includes the popular "shadesong, I know you already have a dozen things today but I want you to do something for me that has absolutely nothing to do with your actual job . . . "
Three (3) "Student Worker Figures" - Watch them scurry and get in the way! DISCLAIMER: "Student Worker Figure" pieces shipped with Series 1 playset may be defective and not actually perform any actions.
"Magical Secretary Princess shadesong Figure" - Watch as she drinks. The coffee and chai actually disappear. Figure comes with one (1) Krispy Kreme donut.

"Java Monkey Playset" includes:
A selection of tea, coffee, and tasty treats for your figures to enjoy. (Any other suggestions for this one?)

Plus all the collectable pieces that you can add to the mix:

"Kung-Fu Grip yendi" - DISCLAIMER: Unless you're on the list you should not "grip" his "kung-fu". It's a short list.
"Malibu sibylla" (part of the Nearly Wild Roses collection) - Comes with Lugh figure.
"Mall shadesong" Dress and shop with your own shadesong figure! DISCLAIMER: 90% of the clothes in the "Shopping shadesong (Juniors Section)" playset will not actually fit your shadesong figure. This was intentional so that you get the full shopping experience.
"Girl Scout Cookies shadesong" - Pull her string and she says "Thin mints, bitch!" Figure can open cardboard boxes and sort cookies. DISCLAIMER: Opening too many cardboard boxes can be bad for figure. FURTHER DISCLAIMER: "Girl Scout Cookies shadesong" has been discontinued.
"The Pony" - Because there needs to be a pony.

Coming Soon: "Wedding shadesong" figure.

. . . I can't wait for the "Vampire shadesong figure to be released. Gotta have 'em all. According to eBay the most expensive one is the "Buttercup shadesong

alphafenris makes me laugh. :)

But there'd have to be an Elayna figure, and a Volta, and more accessories like a stack of comic books and an eMac....

EDIT: Okay, since theferrett's doing it: What toys and accessories should my action-figure line include?
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Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


Congratulations are due... amberfox had her baby! *squee*!

iroshi reports:

Birth time: 12:29 am March 22, 2004
Weight: 8lbs 14 oz
Length: 20.5 inches

And it's a girl.

Now everybody please hope that iroshi will have her baby in the next 24 hours, because she is damn sick of waiting!
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Starfire/Huh? Wtf?

More Dad stuff....

I page him. He calls back.

Me: "Hey, Dad, listen. I want to do a seder this year -"
Dad: "Good!"
Me: "Yep - but, see, I need Haggadahs. And the company I want to buy them from, you can send them a check or money order, but they only take credit card orders over the phone, and I can't call long-distance while I'm at work."
Dad: "I can send you Haggadahs."
Me: "Great! Thanks!"
Dad: "I have a dozen Haggadahs. I'll send you two."
Me: "UmmDad? I'm kinda gonna want enough for everybody."
Dad: "You're the only person who reads Hebrew."

Collapse )

Pesach 2002 story.

I love my Dad. Really I do.

Quote of the day

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Starfire/Huh? Wtf?

salty goodness

What does it mean when one craves junk food, particularly anything really salty or otherwise bad for you? I mean seriously, in the last two days I've eaten Spaghettios and Kraft Mac & Cheese (just nasty) and pretzels (just salty) and movie theater popcorn (both). And, um, one salt sandwich. Just salt on bread. Yup.

This is not me.

And I'm hardcore craving salt right now, even though I'm too nauseous to eat anything (skipped lunch). My body is sending me mixed signals....

Note: I've never had that as a PMS thing before, so I dunno.
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Starfire/Don't mess with me

(no subject)

Dear Professors:

I should not be having to fix your LaTeX in order to get my part of this job done. If you don't know how to use it, don't fuckin' use it.

Also, to one particular professor - yes, the packages you wanted UPS to pick up today are still there. This is because UPS didn't deliver here today. And we do not have a contract with UPS, so we cannot request pickups, we just give the nice packages to the nice UPS man when he shows up.

He goes a day without making a delivery? Not my problem. Been here all day. Didn't take lunch. Could tell you for sure if he had. He hasn't. So get off my back already.

And I mean it about the LaTeX.

Very truly yours,

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I love us.

Yendi: "You really should put that somewhere safer."
Me: "Yeah, I know, I just put it there for the nonce."
Yendi: "The Nonce isn't coming, hon; it's having an affair with the Noid."
Me: "Didn't we tell it to Avoid the NoidTM?"
Yendi: "Well, you know the Nonce, it doesn't listen. Keeps expecting everyone to do everything for it."
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