March 20th, 2004


Product Endorsement

And no, I'm not getting paid for this...

My birthmom rocks very muchly. One of my $WINTERHOLIDAY presents from her was a sampler pack of very fine coffees and a $20 gift certificate from Story House Coffee; she saw an ad in a magazine and knew I'd love it...

Each bag or canister has a story printed on it. Keen! And they take submissions. :)

The coffee is excellent, of course. Cute gimmick or not, yendi and I do not advocate any coffee that is less than superb. Life is too short for bad coffee.

They send "almost free" samples. Try a sample, pay only shipping. We just ordered three and paid $3.74. Each sample is 4 ounces. This makes two pots of coffee. This is a freakin' awesome deal. And the full-size coffees are very affordable as well.

And an important note: This is not corporate coffee! Story House is run by a married couple; they run it out of their house. Each coffee description has opinions from both of them; they have different taste in coffee in some ways, so you get a well-rounded picture. And the beans are roasted the day of your order; they don't have a retail storefront, so everything's on demand.

I believe in supporting independent businesses. And I believe in supporting damn fine coffee. So go check them out.

I swear I'm not being paid for this. Though I may very well submit a few stories and see if I can get paid for those...
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Mommy & Elayna

An interesting note

A few years ago, they changed the body mold for Barbie dolls to make their figures a tiny bit more realistic in their proportions. I know, I know. But they made to bust a little smaller.

Which I remembered just now because I snapped a dress onto a newer Barbie, and it gaped a little on top. It was one of my old Barbie dresses. They don't fit modern Barbies.

Interesting. To me, anyway. Then again, I have at least three books on the cultural impact of Barbie dolls and/or the humor therein.
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Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

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One of these days I'm actually going to put the floor plan of the house I've dreamed in all my life on paper, so I can look at the whole thing at once rather than just running barefoot through it in my head.

Completely unrelated but really cool: As I started typing, Elayna asked if she could listen to music. When I said yes, she put on Weird Al Yankovic, "Poodle Hat".
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Cryptic Lass Strikes Again!

(The "before" is not about either of my current partners. The "now", of course, is.)

It's strange to realize that what one was getting was not only not what one needed, but... borderline unconscionable. (My kiri seems to this that it was totally unconscionable.) Like not realizing that my experiences in the wilderness survival camp were abusive until, upon hearing the stories years later, people told me it was.

No, this isn't about abuse.

But it's about something that I didn't realize at the time Wasn't Right. I thought it was kinda shitty, but figured that that was just the way things were, the way this sort of interpersonal dynamic worked.

Until my kiri showed me differently today.

He cares more deeply about this than I'd thought possible... and was shocked to hear how this specific thing had been before.

He takes care of me to an astonishing degree, and I am more grateful every day.

Just... wow. Happy surprise.

I may elaborate on this later, but ashlupa's picking me up any minute...
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