Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Monday!

Happy birthday to ragingamazon!

Hello to new readers : adiasplat, celticdragonfly, cougarpet, drishnak, endora, divabat, natf, and skyah!

Every year I pick up new readers during BlogAThon. Okay. If y'all can handle that, you can definitely handle my regular daily output.

Total: $1,741.

It's not too late, and another $10 will put me over last year's total (by $6). or paypal AT

If you PayPalled me and did not use a address or tell me who you were in the comments field, please e-mail me your real-name and LJ-name!

What I Did
I stayed awake for 24 hours... and posted 48 individual short-short stories, written on the fly.

Most of those took 5-10 minutes to write, with the exception of Puzzle, which took 10-15. I wasn't timing myself, but I know it took longer than the rest.

There were, what, 3? 4? cut-n-pastes of previous work, but the rest was all freewritten during the BlogAThon itself. All pieces used prompts submitted by you, the reader!

A lot of it sucked, but I still regard it as an accomplishment, and I'm proud of it.

Incentives from other people
If you donated $10 or more, you get incentives from people. Go check the posts. I don't feel like typing 'em again. I'm still tired. Which is yendi's fault.

Incentives from me
Why is it yendi's fault? I was all snuggled into bed and saying that I might like to give my sponsors the entire lot of stories with creator commentary, because so many of the Shayara ones have backstories, and even the non-Shayara ones have things behind 'em.

And Yendi.

Evil Yendi.


"Why don't you do character commentary, too?"

So I had the voices in my head for at least an hour....

So sponsors, you'll get that as well as the original story. And I'll check out the request last week and see who's most popular, and do a poll. I request that only sponsors vote, so I don't have to go through disqualifying people.

Also - all of my fellow BlogAThonners will get both of these things, donation or not, because you bloody well earned 'em. As will everyone who's giving my sponsors an incentive.

Fellow BlogAThonners
Congratulations to correspondguy, rhiannonhero, satia, theferrett, and zoethe - and manifestress, who blogged not for charity, but for moral support! 24 hours is hard as hell to do. You don't know how hard until you do it. I'm proud of y'all.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Shadesong.
Well, sorta.

I'll be a little posty today and perhaps a bit of tomorrow, but then I'll be taking a bit of an LJ vacation. For at least a week. There's some toxicity around here and y'know, it's not my life. I was going to start my vacation last week, but there was BlogAThon, and I needed to stay and raise as much money for charity as possible.

But starting today and for the duration of my vacation, I won't be reading my friends-page. If you say anything you really want my input on, do e-mail me. I care. I'm just trying to avoid massive time-and-energy-suck.

*hugs* Thanks, guys.
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