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"It's difficult, Donna." Julia whispered, looking out the window.

"What is?"

"The memories. The past lives. They're all coming back at once, they're all overlapping. I never know whether to call Jeramie Jeramie or Nisar. I always see Kieran as Airenn, and... I barely knew him as Airenn."

Donna nodded. "It's harder for you than it is for most people, I'd bet... you're getting so much, so intensely."

"It'll stop, right?"

"Eventually. Yes. In the meantime... you'll be a bit confused for a little while, poor dear..."


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This is as good as the writing gets right now, people. Deal. My brainmeats are screaming.

Cut tag of the day from rhiannonhero's journal: "Buncha insane rambling about fairy tales and cock sucking."

We are all insane. And the sleep dep is making us soooo fuckin loopy. "I love you guys!" (she said, all maudlin-like)
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