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Laughing, Capri ran up to Victor and threw her arms around him. He grinned and lifted her, spinning her through the air. Beside Kieran, Halloran gave a snort of displeasure.

Kieran looked at Halloran, amused. “What?”

Halloran looked back at him, clearly discontent. “I don’t like him.”

“I see. Do you have a particular reason to dislike him?”

“He’s a show-off. A cowboy. That stunt he pulled during the Purges… motorcycle jousting, for gods’ sakes?”

Kieran nodded. “Yeah, he’s a cocky bastard. Chicks definitely seem to dig him, though. And he does get the job done. The Kirayth job, I mean. Not the chicks. Well, probably the chicks, too…”

Halloran was still glaring at Victor, who was now holding Capri close while joking with Joseph and Michael, his arm slung over her shoulder. “I just don’t like him.”

Realization dawned. “You don’t like him for Capri, you mean.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“It does, though. You’re protective of her. Of course you are. But… I don’t think Victor would harm her in any way.”

Halloran turned to him, eyes ablaze. “I. Don’t. Like. Him.”

Kieran blinked. “Dude – are you jealous?”

Halloran was thrown off by the question. “What?”

“Are you jealous? Of Victor? With Capri?”

“Not jealous! Of course not jealous. She’s my ward, for gods’ sakes. Just… he doesn’t deserve her. He’s not good enough for her.”

“Is anyone? By your standards?”

His expression softened. “Well. I’m fine with you. And Ryan. You guys… you treat her right. You treat her like the treasure she is. Victor, guys like Victor – to them, she’s just another chick.”

“He thinks more of her than that, I’m sure, but… I see what you mean.”

Halloran sighed. “I’m not the boss of her. She can… be with whoever she wants. I just prefer her to be with you, if anyone.”

Kieran looked up at him. “I’m honored,” he said softly. Halloran merely shrugged in response. “You know…” Kieran ventured, “the person who best knows how incredibly special she is… is you.”

He looked genuinely shocked. “She’s a kid, Kieran. A wonderful, amazing person. But she’s a kid.”

“So she can’t be with whoever she wants.”


“Oh, nothing…”


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