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(They're more best-friends-with-benefits. Still. This is what I thought of.)

Fenris's voice was gruff behind the closed door. "What?"

"It's Halloran. Can I come in?"

"Ah! Sure. It's unlocked."

The three exchanged glances; Halloran opened the door and led Ryan and Kieran in.

Fenris raised his eyebrows. "A committee. I'm being met by a committee." He studied them. "What have you boys done?"

Kieran swallowed hard. "I - it's me, not them."

Fenris folded his hands in mock-patience. "Kieran ni'Narsan. What have you done?"

"Um. I."

"Spit it out," he growled.

"Um." Kieran took a deep breath. "Capri. Capri and I are... becoming lovers."

Fenris rose from his desk and leaned forward, weight on his knuckles. His voice was deliberate and cold. "You are here to tell me that you are screwing my god-daughter?"

"No! I'm not - we haven't yet!"


Halloran interceded. "Fenris, it's okay."

"Is it. I was not aware that you were the person in this room who got to decide whether things are okay."

"They've hardly done anything yet," Halloran persisted. "Barely anything more than kissing. Kieran is here to ask for your blessing."

"My blessing." Fenris glared at Kieran. "You want my blessing to fuck my little girl."

"This was... probably a bad idea," Kieran stammered.

"Oh, yes. Laying a hand on her was a bad idea." He paused. "Get out."


"Get the hell out of my office. I'll call for you when I decide to finish this conversation. Until then, I don't want to fucking see you."


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