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"What the hell is all of this stuff?"

Capri glanced back over her shoulder. "Oh! My Sailor Moon dolls."

Kieran eyed the stack skeptically. "There's... a lot of them."

"Well, yeah. I have all of the American six-inch dolls - series one
and two! - and the 12-inch dolls. And then I have all of the original
Japanese dolls."

He picked up a box, turned it over. "Sailor Moon drinking glasses?"

"They're cute!"

"Kip, you're so girly," he grinned. She merely stuck her tongue out at
him. "Okay, moon wand, moon jewelry box... two stuffed cats?"

She scooped up the purple one. "Luna and Artemis! Luna actually purrs."

"How did you get all this stuff?" She looked faintly guilty,
and comprehension dawned. "You discovered eBay, didn't you?"


"Kip... what else is coming?"

"Well, I really like Hello Kitty..."


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And you guessed it... the reason I know this stuff exists is because I
own it all.

I have a Kali finger puppet and a little plastic monkey with a fez
sitting on my desk. This pleases me.

Second wind, baby. Second wind.

Max is learning. If he rubs his face on my face or knocks over my arm, he is officially off my lap. I'm workin' here.

First person to donate $50 or more gets a knitted or crocheted hat or sweater or scarf or whatever from marajs! What're you waiting for?
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