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First Light, First Fire
We are told that the touch of the morning dew on her brow is what awakened her. Small, lithe, ungainly as a fawn - waist-length dark-gold hair the only thing covering her, falling over her shoulders as she looked at our world for the first time.

Tiala. The Firstborn.

This must be remembered: that she was the first. She was alone with the gods, and only she and they know what transpired in those first days, weeks, months – possibly years. What is known is that she was both relentlessly examined for any possible defects and cherished, adored – equal parts charming daughter and brilliant pupil. She learned and, by observing her, they learned.

Having studied her, the gods decided that they were ready to bring the rest of us into the world. She walked with them, and sang as she walked - brought into this world full-grown, she was never a child, but always childlike. Knowing her boundless imagination, the gods requested her help in designing the rest of her people; she was delighted to help.

She watched them create, and gave suggestions. "A raven! Oh, give this one hair like a raven's wing... this one larger, stronger, bearlike! This one, eyes like Father's and the heart of a wolf, and his cheekbones like - no - let me..." and, overcoming the last of her shyness, she shaped flesh herself, for that was one of her gifts. And one by one, over time, they created us all.

When they were done, they began to wake us. They gave Tiala the seeds of our power, and one by one she knelt beside us in the grove at the heart of the world, woke us with a kiss, named us.

"Wolf's spirit, sword and strength... your house is L'Arath, and your name is Nisar."

"Hawk and raven soaring, currents of water, of earth and air... your house is Lhri'nahr, and your name is Kai."

Airenn, of House Narsan. Tal, of House Telenias. Nial, of House Bartomn. Kennet, of House Ziroth.

These were her first six companions, who would later be known as the Talthar Kithrayna.

Some time later - none know how long - she moved on. "Keeper of memory... your house is Tarak, and your name is Lara." And that is where our cultural memory begins. This must be remembered: anything before this day is pure conjecture.


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