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Blood tastes like copper pennies. Have you ever noticed that? I've just cut my finger and automatically popped it into my mouth. Oddly metallic. Warm wet copper pennies.

I had a friend back in high school who fancied himself a vampire; he and his girlfriend would cut themselves or each other and suck each others' blood. On a regular basis. Pretty weird guy.

Then again, I also had a friend in high school who bought souls. People would ask for something small, matches or a soda or whatever, and he'd say "In exchange for your soul." And make them write it out, a transfer of their soul.

He said it was because he knew he was going to hell, and he wanted to be able to bargain with the devil.

Funny where the mind goes...


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And not that it has anything to do with this lameass post - but I really really love it that some of you recognize my characters' voices, without the characters themselves being named!

And on another unrelated note... I have little chocolate donuts, and you do not.

I mean, you might. But I find it unlikely. Do comment if you have little chocolate donuts, 'k?

9 hours to go.
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