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Napalm: "Dude, I so wanna be a superhero."

Johnathan: "Is this a spandex kink thing?"

Napalm: "No!"

Johnathan: "Because if it is, I really don't wanna hear it."

Napalm: "No. Totally no. I just wanna zip all over the place saving lives. Looking all gallant. I want to triumph over a world that is fraught with peril!"

Johnathan: "You have *so* practiced that speech."

Napalm: "Have not!"

Johnathan: "Have too."

Napalm: "...maybe a little. But dude, really. I think it would be awesome. You need to do it too!"

Johnathan: "What would I do? For this superhero gig?"

Napalm: "You could... drop anvils on people!"

Johnathan: "Like in cartoons?"

Napalm: "Yeah! Heh. We could call you RoadRunner. Your battlecry could be "meep meep!"

Johnathan: "...okay. You need to get the hell away from me right now, or your world is gonna be 'fraught with peril'."


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