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Kieran paced anxiously. "They should've been here by now."

"Relax," Donna smile. "Any minute now."

"That's supposed to help me relax."

"Oh, Kieran. Sit down. Please."

He sat, clasping his hands to keep from jittering, and gave her a slightly desperate look. "This is it, Donna. Meeting Tiala."

"Meeting Julia."

"Yes. Meeting Julia. My love..."

She sighed. "Kieran. Do remember that she knows very little of her past - and even so, she's not likely to want to jump into a relationship with you. She doesn't know you. And really - you don't know her."

"I know Tiala."

"You do not know Julia."

John tapped the doorjamb gently. "Guys? They're here."

Kieran stood, smoothed his pants, and walked toward the door.


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(This is also short. They're still here.)
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