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"Yes," she said quietly, and winced. "Yes."

The steel was so cold. She struggled to regulate her breathing - wouldn't do to gasp and fuck it all up.

"Are you still okay?"

She tried to keep from shuddering. "Yes."

"Do you still want this?"


And he bent to the task again. She whimpered, brought a hand to her mouth to muffle her little cries. Almost. Almost. He'd said so.

She made a choking sound as the stubs were pressed into her back. "Oh please God no..."

He stopped. "No?"

"No, no, keep going..."

"We can still stop."

"I want this!"

"You're sure?"


He nodded and went to work, smoothing the salve into the wounds, around the stubs. And then the needle... oh, God... stitching flesh like silk. She passed out.

She woke to him wrapping bandages around her torso in an intricate pattern. "We're done?" she whispered.

"We're done. Come back and see me in two weeks. Do not try to remove the bandages yourself."

She nodded. "Yes. I understand."

He grinned. "Would you like to see them?"

"Oh, yes!"

He walked her to a full length mirror - and slid another behind her. She gasped. So beautiful. Small and perfect and new.

His smile was gentle. "Do you like your wings?"



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(This was going to be a sex thing. Knifeplay. But it turned into something else.

I'm convinced that this sort of thing is going to be the next level of body modification.)

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