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"We should have waited," Olivia sighed.

Steven arched and eyebrow. "For...?"

She gestured at the girl curled up on the sofa with a book. "Her. Katrianna."

"Oh. To be our little puppet queen?"

"Of course! Alanna... well, you should pardon me for saying this..."

"Oh, you don't have to tell me. Trust me, I am well aware of her shortcomings... she's become a spoiled petty tyrant. She's out of control. Her habits are... well, appalling."

Olivia smiled wryly. "And we're stuck with her, unfortunately."


"Whereas Katrianna... you've done a wonderful job with her."

Steven's smile had genuine warmth for once. "Thank you. I'm quite proud of her. Strongest talent in recent memory."

"Not just that - her behavior. So mature, so self-assured. Disciplined."

"Thank you." He sighed. "I suppose this is what comes of being raised by strangers. This little beast that Alanna's become. Still - she's better than Contessa. Contessa was useless. Had we known, we could've aborted her and saved Katrina the pain of childbirth."

"As I remember it, you were not very interested in sparing Katrina pain," she reminded him softly.

He shrugged. "If that's what it took, that's what it took." He smiled, reminiscing. "She was beautiful, wasn't she?"

"Surely," Olivia replied drily.

"At least she gave me Katrianna before she died." He looked at the little girl fondly. "Strong, and a lady. The perfect child."

Across the room, Katrianna smiled smugly.


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