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She didn't know how to dance before I met her. Weird, since she only speaks in song lyrics. I think it's because to her, music is language. Why would you move your body to language? I mean, we don't dance when we ask what's for dinner.

This is my job. She's my job. That makes it sound bad, but... it's really not. She's such a nifty... kid. I just want to give her more music. More words, y'know?

Anyway, I taught her to waltz.

Yes, I know how to waltz, wiseass. My mom made us all take dance classes -

Okay, I am not gonna talk about that. Hell no.

Anyway. I taught her to waltz. She picked it up right away... comes of living your life in music, I guess.

She hasn't stopped dancing since.

Well, I mean, she breaks for food and stuff. Okay, she doesn't dance every day. Dude, you know what I mean.

She's dancing now. "Pure", by the Lightning Seeds. She's spinning around, laughing, and her dress is swirling out around her...

Her bliss may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen.


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