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You can pretend this is fiction, if you want to. If you have to. There are parts of me you don't want to see... that, if you see, you'll fervently wish to regret.

It's all fine and good to read a horror novel, watch a scary movie. But only as long as you can convince yourself that these things don't exist in real life. That this is pure fantasy, pure escapism.

You are attracted to the dark in me. And I have told you what I am, but you won't believe me.

Your kind never do.

You think I'm a daffy goth kid, or a role-player. Maybe you think I believe it, and you think I'm kinda nuts, but still kinda hot.

You brought me home; you invited me in.

You can pretend this is fiction, if that makes it easier.

Just close your eyes.


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