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Capri gasped as the monarch butterfly landed in her lap, vivid against the lavender dress. She stayed as still as possible... but it flew away within seconds anyway. "Hey," she yelled, and ran after it.

Jessa laughed. Nothing like a day at the park for a hyper nine-year-old. She gave Fenris a sidelong glance. "She has your hair, you know."

"The whole city might know... bet you wish she's been born a blonde. Or with dark hair, like Marcus."

"I love her hair. Sometimes it looks coppery, sometimes so much darker..."

"She has nothing of her father."

"His love," she said sharply.

"Physically, Jessa." He sighed, looked out toward Capri. "Are you ever going to tell her? That I 'helped'?"

"I... don't know. I'm sure I will. Just... not now." She touched his arm gently. "I love you, Seth."

He stood, dusted off his jeans. "Yeah. I know."


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