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He laid a hand on hers. "Jessa, love. Stop mutilating the flowers."

She scowled and rubbed her hands on her jeans, leaving powdery yellow pollen smudges. "I'm nervous. When I'm nervous, I mutilate vegetation."

Marcus took her hands in his. "It'll be okay. The worst that can happen is him saying no."

"Yes. That. My best friend, my other love, saying no to fathering my child."

"Helping you conceive your child."

She rolled her eyes. "Marcus - he is not going to see it that way. He'll know it. Intellectually, he'll know it. But his heart will be different. He'll... he'll probably say no anyway."

"I don't know about that. He loves you."

"And he walked away from me years ago, because he couldn't bear sharing me. And I'm going to break this, this silent truce, to ask if he'll father a child for me and my husband? I'm insane for even considering this."

"What time is it?"

She looked at her watch. "Dammit - five til. I've got to get going. Wish me luck..."


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