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"This is actually fun for you?" Julia muttered, trying to sort out the tangle of yarn.

Capri grinned in response. "Knitting and crocheting? Yeah. Donna taught me how when I was like seventeen."

"It seems pretty boring."

Capri shrugged. "It's repetitive, yeah, but it's soothing. You can let your mind wander and still be doing something, instead of just looking out the window and screwing around on the web."

Julia threw the yarn-tangle on the floor, growling in frustration. "Where are the scissors?"

"Scissors are not an option, hon! I need that yarn intact."

Julia watched Capri - deft little hands. She despaired of learning how to do this stuff, and wondered why she even wanted to. "What are you making?"


"For who?"

"You," she smiled, eyes on her work.

"Oh!" Julia bent, picked up the yarn. "Um... thanks," she said, resuming her struggle.

Capri gave her a sidelong look and grinned. "You're welcome."


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