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"Whoa! Look at this!" Napalm lifted a scimitar off the wall, gave a few practice swings - which revealed him to be very unpracticed indeed.

Tessa sighed. "Put that down before you put someone's eye out."

"Aw, Mom..."

"Is he always like this?" Donna asked, amused.

"Pretty much."

Donna walked over to Napalm, who was still handling the scimitar and... making lightsaber noises. "Aisling - do you have any experience with a scimitar?"


"With any kind of sword?"

"No." He lowered the scimitar reluctantly.

"Then let's find something else for you, yes?"


Tessa sighed. "Napalm, for once in your life will you cut it out and act your goddamn age?"

He looked back at her, and she was surprised to see fear in his eyes. "Defense mechanism, Tessa," he said sadly. "I just... I'm freaked out, okay?"

Tessa walked over and hugged him, stroking his hair. "It'll be okay, hon."

"What if it isn't?"

"Have faith," Donna said. "Julia and Fenris are born warriors, we have the Kirayth... Our people are trained, we have a plan, and we are going to win this thing."

He pulled back from Tessa, worry plain on his face. "What about Lyric?"


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