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(I'm cheating. This is prewritten, from Issue #4. If the general consensus is that this is cheating, I'll add on another post.)

Bram enters the balcony area of the Library. Donna’s having brunch with Jeramie, and she notices Bram right off and waves him over. “Morning, Donna, Jeramie,” Bram smiles, handing her the packet.

Donna: “Good morning! Well, almost afternoon, but would you like some tea anyway?”

Bram hesitates: “I don’t want to interrupt…”

Donna: “Don’t be silly – here, sit.” She pats the chair next to her. Bram sits obediently. Jeramie nods at him coolly; Bram nods back hesitantly. Donna: “So how are you? Still having the dreams?”

Jeramie: “Dreams? Prophetic dreams?”

Bram: “Oh, not prophetic, no. I just … my friend Laurie. She died. In the Purges. And I’ve just… been dreaming a lot about her lately.” The pain in his eyes is obvious. To Donna: “Only one dream so far this week. I’ll be okay.”

Donna smiles softly, obviously still concerned, and squeezes his hand.

Jeramie’s cell phone rings. He rolls his eyes and answers it. “Yes? What, she’s there?” Pause. “Does she have the entourage?” he asks heavily, clearly weary. “No, it is not a hostage situation. Don’t worry about it. I will be there shortly. And tell Brendan to try not to soil himself.” He flips the phone closed with an aggrieved sigh.


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