Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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I had a clockwork doll once. Not much use. Wind it up and it simply walked, kept walking, until it hit the wall - and it still continued to shuffle its feet in mute futility. It wore a dress, which I often removed to better admire the gears beneath the translucent skin.

I took it apart one day. I'm not sure why. I tumbled silver gears into my hand and tipped it back and forth, watching them shift and sparkle in the afternoon light.

They were sharp. When I drew one across my arm, blood welled up behind it, a glistening trail. Mesmerized, I did it again... a curve, an arch. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I'd thought it would. It was fascinating. I sketched designs on my arm, patterns in deep red, like a morbid sort of mendhi, like fine lace.

It was so beautiful.


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I have energy today, because I've been keeping my mind and body active. Between posts, I've been scrambling upstairs to work on Elayna's room. Go me!

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