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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Blog-A-Thon! First post!

Theme: Remember those one-word prompts you guys gave me? I'm using them. Freewrites on your prompts every half hour.

State of the 'song: I have yummy granola and Kenya Peaberry Rukira coffee; I am treating myself this morning. I am also wearing a shirt that says "qapla' klingon". Success to the Klingon. And success to the Shadesong.

Incentives: Story from me. Graphics work from zarhooie. Custom illustration from swisscheesed. A sketch from museumfreak. For donations of $10 and up.

Current total is $951. I'm beginning to have hopes of actually getting near last year's record.

How to donate:
* Directly at RAINN's website! That is the preferable way.
* I've set up PayPal! You can PayPal me at paypal AT
* By check; my mailing address is linked to from my sidebar, but it's friends-locked. If you're not on my friends-list, as me and I'll e-mail it to you.

Please sponsor me. RAINN is an excellent cause that's close to my heart.

Ready... set... go!
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