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Ho-leeeee shit.

Me: "So okay, call me at work when you get here so I know you've arrived safely. Do you remember my legal name?"
Kires: "Yeah. [Legal name]."
Me: "Okay, good, because a student worker will probably answer, so you'll have to ask for me....wait. Um. Say my name again?"
Kires: "[Legal name]."
Me: " said my name right."

He actually pronounced my name correctly. No one pronounces my name correctly. Yendi doesn't pronounce my name correctly.

And no, don't anyone even ask, because it'll just lead to you attempting it, me correcting you, you attempting it, me correcting you, you attempting it, and me saying "Please just call me 'song." And please please do, because the most common mispronounciation is really horrid. charleseb calls me Shade, kires calls me Shady, everyone else calls me Shadesong or 'song.

I am so changing my name.

But anyway.

Maybe 5 people in my life, excluding my immediate family, have pronounced my name correctly. So it's just really startling.

(sekrit message to today's lunch partners - yes, we are a go.)
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