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Happy Tuesday!

Happy birthday to silme, tx_db8r, wcg, and ysabel!

Hello to new readers artypothesis, eir, and gaiagurl, and returning reader faecat!

And verily I say w00t!
kires schtupped me last night!

He fed me a lot. Like, two dinners and ice cream. Wants to make sure I'm eating enough...

What? Schtup means "stuff", in that "stuff the belly" sense.

Of course, there's that slang term, but d'you really think I hit him up for a triple-X throwdown? :)

(And yes, he and I plotted this posting together with more than a little bit of giggly glee. We're so middle-school.)

I allowed myself to be persuaded to watch The Salton Sea (which so rocked). After Josie and the Pussycats. Which means I got to bed late. At least I actually slept, unlike last night...

The Art of Inflection
In searching for a page to link to with the definition of "schtup", I came across something referencing Yiddish linguistic devices, which sk4p had been interested in the other day. So go check it out.
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