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Called the magnet school we applied to. Gave them our change of address. Talked to both voicemail and a Real Live Human Being.

Real Live Human Being says that they're due to receive the Iowa Test scores any day now; they'll just have to verify scores before doing the lottery, which should be "late next week or early the following week", and then they'll send the letters.


irana's daughter goes there and loves it. irana says that they do the lottery for all the kids who've applied - two kids per school, and an alternate - and then check to see if the test scores are up to snuff. And then contact the kids. So the stupid kids with ambitious parents really don't contaminate the pool that much. Obviously I don't know how Elayna scored this year, but last time she was in the 99th percentile. And she's in the gifted program, which has to help.


Oh please oh please pick my daughter. Magnet school focusing on her favorite subjects - math and science. A school with proactive parents. A school with only smart kids, where the whole class will be on her level and she'll get the education she deserves rather than working mostly on her own because the teacher has to devote more time to the slower kids.

Oh please oh please oh please pick my daughter.

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