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In lieu of content

I was going to do my big post that I couldn't do last night tonight, but yendi only just now got the pictures up. So I suppose I shall do it tomorrow.

Anyway, I was led to my basement office on Monday by a 'gnome, and he took a bunch of pictures that are being touched up for redeye and stuff, but this is an image I've been wanting for an icon for-like-ever, so, y'know, here it is.

There'll be a re-do, because really I just wanted my eyes peeping over the book, and I have no makeup on and my hair is yuck from running around at the barbecue all day (this pic was taken in Hour 7).

Also wanted to point out that my hair color is different from this pic:

Because you see it is tortoiseshell. You can't really tell in pictures. But it's blondebrownredblack. It's the color of old silvered wood.

Anyway. Geekgirl. Funny look on my face. Tiny slice of my office. There you have it.

Remember when no pictures of me existed anywhere on the internet? That wasn't so long ago. Don't you guys miss that. At least I cut-tag. :)
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