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Pity my mother. And I don't say that often.

She just called to let me know that she was taking Elayna out of town for the weekend; she asked if I had anything planned.

Me: "Miraculously, no. But I have the Blog-A-Thon next weekend! Remember, you sponsored me last year - sponsor me again!"

Mom: "That thing where you stay up all night? I don't think it's a good idea."

Me: "Why not?"

Mom: "You don't want to get overtired. You need to think of your health."

Me: "I also need to raise thousands of dollars for charity."

Mom: "Well, but, you have to think of yourself first. You know how you get overtired. And you don't want to have a seizure."

Me: "I haven't had a seizure in almost two weeks."

Mom: "Well, you should sleep and avoid stress."

This is the point where I start laughing hysterically.

Me: "Stress? Oh, I can tell you from stress..." And I told her from stress for, um, I don't think it was ten whole minutes, but it was close.

Ha! Stress? Don't tell me from stress. I am the queen, baby. I win.
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