Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Food Log
Special K
PB sammich.

Yes, I'm in a rut.

Writing Log
Katrianna, for a change. The prodigy. Thirdborn of the sisters Stone, and, until Julia was discovered, by far the most powerful. Today's writing followed her through a TK exercise when she was ten, wherein she telepathically eavesdropped (multi-tasking!) on her father and one of his fellow Councillors as they discussed the disappointment of their first two tries ("useless" Contessa and weaker-than-Kat spoiled-brat Alanna), and how they should have waited and instilled Kat as the Lishaya; Steven is praised for the excellent job he's done on Kat, and she has a smug little smile as she finishes the exercise.

Tried to write a snippet of when she first meets Tessa, but it didn't wanna flow.

But, y'know, decent work for a brainbroken day. Kat's one of those characters who's going to go through some big changes over the years... and this is how she starts, a studious little girl who's constantly told, essentially, that she's the best thing since sliced cheese, that she is impeccable in power and behavior, that she ought to be Lishaya, that she is practically a demigoddess. So yes, she grows up a little full of herself...
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