Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

BBQ pics!

All by the lovely and talented photognome!

charleseb, aggression, and yendi in the background. But the really really funny thing about this picture? Look between aggression's legs. That's my leg. aggression is totally blocking my body. Hee!

The fabulously sultry thevault.

ashlupa. I do not know what she is putting in her mouth.

The orally gifted sibylla, the lucky ashlupa, the adorable lughby on the table, and a bit of our nonfiction section.

See my couch? I love my couch. I also love having friends like ydnic, captain_bob, and dustyskinandall on my couch. And kungfoogirl and spiritchaser1 on my loveseat. And kaliwohi on my floor.

Aww... manifestress and charleseb.

bheansidhe and christine9600 - bheansidhe wasn't sure about this dress, but we all loved it.

The beautiful irana, bringer of burgers!

twisteddaydream, looking adorable. As if she was capable of not looking adorable...

lughby loves ashlupa's cleavage. Heh. No comment.

A very happy 'gnome, with bheansidhe. :)

I love manifestress's shirt!

kungfoogirl! Dude. Do I have any chick friends who aren't cute?

I love it when sibylla does stuff like this.

Speaking of cute chicks - irana, bheansidhe, and dustyskinandall.

Cute chick, singular - taiste. :)

I really love this picture of martinhesselius!

spiritchaser1, cute as a button. As a particularly cute button.

Awww, schmoop! thegreyman and christine9600 have already made an icon out of this one.

The legends indeed! martinhesselius and photognome undergoing a rigorous kilt inspection by ashlupa and bheansidhe - hey ladies! Were they regimental?

spiritchaser1, martinhesselius, and more books. :) Y'know, I think that also I don't have any male friends who aren't cute. I'm surrounded by eye candy.

I also love it when sibylla fellates phallic food.

Aw! LEWD regulars sibylla, dark_blade, lughby, and ashlupa, all in a corner.

manifestress and daonnan getting all huggy.

Obligatory 'gnome booty shot. That is my booty.

photognome's milkshake brings all the girls - in this case ashlupa, dark_blade, and sibylla - to the yard.

I see that 'gnome's titled this one Daveeth's Angels, and they so are; that Daveeth hugging his wife irana and their kickass daughter Taylor.

dark_blade - "Also cute and fluffy!"

lughby. And a bottle of cider. Yes, this dog is only as big as a bottle of cider.

irana and Taylor are a kickass mother-daughter team, I tell you.

Aaaand that's all for now! There will be a few more; 'gnome took some pics of me in my office. One will become an icon. Well. At least one.
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