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I love my man.

"Miéville seems to have a thousand ideas that strike him as nifty, and he seems to feel compelled to throw them into the novel at any cost (I can only assume that that the deluge made it impossible for anyone at Del Rey to actually attempt to edit him). Some of it sticks, but then he'll decide to toss out one of those cliched gems (like calling water magic "watercraeft") that makes you realize that he can't help slipping into the role of the fourteen-year-old writing his first masturbatory fanfic."

Love love love.

Also read his column and other reviews.

And the funniest thing he has ever written. An MST3K of an actual story. Yes, someone actually wrote this drek. It had to be mocked. And Yendi is freakin' brilliant.

I get to marry this man. Whee!
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