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That's Donna telling the story - and in the bottom panel she's looking back at Kieran. Who was, in his first life, known as Airenn.

Repost of explanation...

The character is Julia, my main character, also seen in this icon. The picture she's leaning againt is of Tiala, her first life - arguable the very first humanoid life in this world. The graffiti was first created with the juices of berries; it was later touched up in dyes and oil paints and, most recently, in Krylon. I think X'ana did a most excellent job conveying the signature Krylon-graffiti fade in her dress.

The green is because that's the House color of Tamra. The tank top on Julia is because she's a tough little punk, a streetfighter, and she keeps her arms free Just In Case. The surly expression on her face is because she has no interest whatsoever in being the foreordained warrior queen of a people that - in this life - she'd never known; at this time, she's still trying - unsuccessfully - to block out the memories of her previous existence throughout history...

"Julia" means "young". Many, but not all, of the names in Shayara Mean Something. And wcg has pointed out similarities between my Julia and the golden-haired Roman Julias...
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