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Roll call

First, a thoroughly random note, inspired simply by the fact that I have been barefoot all day - In my dreams, I'm invariably barefoot. No matter what I'm doing.

I have no idea what that means.

Anyway! People who were here today will want to know who they met. So people - this is who you met.

adric, aggression, ashlupa, betnybean, bheansidhe, captain_bob, charleseb, christine9600 and daughter, ydnic, copycatjsh, daonnan, dark_blade, terracinque, irana and husband and daughter, jet_li_wannabe, manifestress, kungfoogirl, lughby, martinhesselius, dustyskinandall, photognome, kaliwohi, sibylla, sophocles, spiritchaser1, static_eddie, taiste, thegreyman, thevault, twisteddaydream, and vixalicious.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize; I plead exhaustion. I'm just going off the eVite.

And I missed including a few people on the eVite - and dammit, there are a few of you who I *tried* to invite, but the e-mail bounced!

I think our next party will be the Halloween one. Stay tuned.

I love doing this. And I'm always edgy as hell until the party becomes, as I termed it today, "self-sustaining". When the people all mingle on their own and I can just sit in the corner with a burger and watch everyone have fun. And that worked out today.

Also, this party would not have been half as delicious without irana, who made the incredible burgers...

We saw quite a few people today that we don't see nearly often enough. And got to meet some nifty people for the first time. Which rocked mightily.

Um. What else.

Favorite comment regarding my weight loss... aggression: "Damn! Did someone stick you in the dryer?"

photognome will provide photographic evidence of the party shortly. Which should come as a surprise to no one.

I just typed "shorty". Heh.

Also, local folks - static_eddie and I want to start up a Shadowrun game! Players include photognome and kungfoogirl - kungfoogirl, that was you, yes? And who else? I'm so tired. Anyway! The point of this section of the rambly post is that we need a GM. Yes. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


The leftovers are put away, the garbage is cleaned up, the cats have emerged, and I'm going to go take a walk before collapsing. *wave*
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