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The difference

The difference between two people can be epitomized in suuch small things. The example that popped into my head recently was this...

Those of you who know me know that I think in music, speak in music - other than my writing, this is how I show people who I am, how I communicate the parts I don't, for whatever reason, talk about. Generally because they're too private.

S. was the same way. And he would have me listen to stuff in the car, and he made me CDs with explanations of what each song meant to him...


When I played him music - he didn't listen.

Now, not many people do, because not many people grok what I'm doing when I'm sharing music. They'll listen to the first verse, then just start talking over it. So I exist on a low level of frustration about this, and I didn't really put it together until recently.

So okay, now I've been hanging out with R - not a friend-with-benefits, even, just a good friend. And we're going out to the movies, music in the background, talking... we see the movie, we get to the car, and he pops it a new CD and tells me that he needs me to listen to this song.

So he plays it, and I listen, and I watch him - head tipped back, eyes closed, quietly singing along. I don't just listen, I hear, and I discover part of him.

And he does more of that on the way home except, of course, with his eyes open.

We get home and go down to my office to rip some of those songs to my iTunes. And I play him a me-song.

And he listened. He sat silently on an overturned crate and just listened, and when he looked at me at the end of the song, it was clear that he understood.

So we sat there for hours and just spoke through music.

The difference is this...

S. and R. both speak in music the way I do.

But S. never listened to my music.

He always started talking after the first verse.
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