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BlogAThon Redux

Last post about the BlogAThon for today. Promise. And there will be only one post per day about the BlogAThon from now until, of course, the BlogAThon, where there will be 48 posts in rapid succession.


Because I am insane...

yendi discussed this over lunch. Last year, I promised a specific Shayara story as an incentive - and I just Could Not manage to break into it. I delivered another story instead - but I was inexcusably late.

I won't do that again.

My idea for this year: multiple stories. All completed before BlogAThon. Finished work. So I don't leave my sponsors hanging like I did last year.

Cumulative incentive.

$10 - you get the story of your choice from the list.
$20 - two stories.

(EDIT: haikujaguar says I'm selling them way too low. I'll figure this out.)

And we'll see what I can manage.

yendi's idea. And I'm loathe to even post this.

With $100, you get porn. Name two characters, and, um, porn.


Yendi's making me do it. And I, of course, am going along with it because hey, $100 for charity just for writing some porn!

There'll be a minimum length for the stories; I'm thinking 25 pages. So you know I'm not ripping you off by giving you five pages for $10.

Anyway, I have a few ideas, but I'd also like suggestions.

Mine: Capri's recovery. The story of Isobel, an 18th century Lishaya, and her beloved assassins. The Alanna story I'm editing now. The beginning of Tessa's "mission"; meeting Adam, and her first group. I *might* be able to continue the story of the Fall. And I'll raid my filing cabinet for dropped plotlines.

Do you have anything you'd like to see?

Keep in mind that I am not promising that this will happen! I'm going to try. But I'm not going to have a repeat of last year. If I offer something as an incentive, it will be a finished project.

So. I'm listening.

And writing.

Current BlogAThon Total: $125.

Thanks to sponsors amywon, docorion, phinnia, and talix18!
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