Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Food Log: I ate. Trust me.

Writing log: 19 pages, concluding the Alanna thing I've been working on. Or gouging out. It's done, it's done, that final sick image is on paper. I don't have to write it anymore. I can write about kitties or puppies or bunnies. Cute little bunnies. Who don't have bad things happen to them. Who aren't trapped, dying, between two utter sociopaths. Who - yeah.

I am so tired. It's partly the mild sleep-dep, partly the adrenaline crash, but I think it's mostly from yanking this story out of my head.

It is short-story-length by now. Maybe I'll edit it up and do something with it.

But for now? Fluffy kitties. ladytabitha, murnkay, gimme pictures of cute fluffy kitties. I need to flush the poison out of my system.

I'd love to take you home with me and tuck you into bed
I'd love to see what makes you tick inside your pretty head
I'd love to hear you laugh tonight, I'd love to hear you weep
I'd love to listen to you while you're screaming in your sleep
I'd love to soothe you with my voice and take your hand in mine
I'd love to take you past the stars and out of reach of time
I'd love to see inside your mind, to tear it all apart
To cut you open with a knife and find your sacred heart
I'd love to take your satin dolls and tear them all to shreds
I'd love to mess your pretty hair, I'd love to see you dead...

--Oingo Boingo, "Insanity"
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