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So I don't flood you with individual posts. There will be another post with fun interactive bits.

1. X'Ana's kicking ass and taking names on the art for the eight-page Shayara preview comic thing. I can't wait for you guys to see this. I so want to post what she's done already - but then again, I want you to buy the damn comic, so I really cannot. Trust me. If you like the story - hell, even if you don't follow it at all - you're going to love this. And for those who haven't been reading my snippets because they're nonlinear - well, this is where is all starts. And we are both really proud of my writing and of her art on this. We rock on this project.

2. Side effects - nausea from hell, dizziness so bad I have to sit still for 10-20 minutes at a time all whimpery, and the worst one... well, not the worst EVER. Because the worst ever was when I couldn't access words. Even for the simplest of things. I lost the word "door" for about two days once. Now, the worst side effect on THIS shift is the resurgence of my inability to read or write for longer than about ten minutes at a stretch, because the words just start sliding around on the page.

3. From quillismightier: In April, Julee Lacey, 33, a Fort Worth, TX, mother of two, went to her local CVS drugstore for a last-minute Pill refill. She had been getting her prescription filled there for a year, so she was astonished when the pharmacist told her, "I personally don't believe in birth control and therefore I'm not going to fill your prescription." Lacey, an elementary school teacher, was shocked. "The pharmacist had no idea why I was even taking the Pill. I might have needed it for a medical condition."

4. From moonandserpent, via murnkay: You see, [Marvel Comics X-books writer Chris] Claremont hangs around the outskirts of the BDSM scene. Anyone who has read enough of his work probably shouldn't be surprised by this. Anyway, it appears that he once hired a Dominatrix friend of my friend to: a) Dress like Storm and then b) fist him savagely.
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