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I have on my screen what may be the most powerful image that m0usegrrl has ever drawn.

Formerly this was her drawing of Fenris on the night of the Purges. Netscape is crawling for me, or I'd link; go look at writerbrain and you'll see it.

The first three pages, of course, are note-perfect. I can always count on m0usegrrl to see inside my head and make it real-on-paper.

Page 4 haunts me.

This is an image X'Ana tried to draw before, but it never quite worked right in her head. It just wasn't coming out the way either of us wanted it to. And this is one of the most iconic images of the series, so it has to be Right.

It's Right.

She went into my head and she saw the image that's lived there for years. And she put it on paper. And I can't stop staring at my monitor.

She haunts me. Her eyes....

That is Tiala. The Firstborn.

I can't even describe it. Not to you guys. You don't know her like X'Ana and I know her. You'll meet her in the pages of the comic - Sean, are we still on track for Issue 6? If so, you'll meet her around Halloween, I b'lieve.

The speaksinsong community that zarhooie created, the "my fandom" icons, the fact that over a hundred of you subscribe to shayara - where I will be posting Page 1 - these things make me all amazed and happy and they make me feel so damn cool.

But they're nothing compared to this. That this is Tiala. And on pages 2 & 3 - that's Julia. My girls. And Shawn. And more. Just the way they are in my head. My city.

This is the way the story begins.

This is the way the story begins.
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