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Me and My Girl

Immediately after my Spidey post - Elayna called! I *so* miss my kid. I had lunch at JavaMonkey today and reflexively looked for the vegan chocolate cake she loves... and remembered that she wasn't home to *eat* it. *sigh*

Anyway! Highlights...

Me: "I finished P.S. Longer Letter Later."
Elayna: "Isn't it great?"
Me: "Yeah! Who do you identify with - Elizabeth or Tara*Starr?"
Elayna: "Definitely Tara*Starr."
Me: "You just want a pink streak in your hair!"
Elayna laughing: "Well, yeah. But there's other stuff, too. Anyway, you have to read Snail Mail No More next. It is sooo good. You will love it."

Me: "So what movie's coming out for you soon..."
Elayna: "Spider-Man!"
Me: "And 'A Cinderella Story'!"
Elayna: "Oh yeah!"
Me: "Y'know, Hilary Duff and her sister do a song in that movie called 'Our Lips are Sealed'... that's a cover of a song by The Go-Gos from when [Yendi] and I were your age!"
Elayna, incredulous: "You know that Hilary Duff has a sister?!?"
Me: "Well, yeah! Haylie."
Elayna: "How do you know that?"
Me: "Well - I like to keep up on the stuff you're interested in!"


Elayna: "I saw a commercial for Cali Girl Barbie. There's a new boy doll."
Me: "Yeah - Blaine."
Elayna: "Blaine?"
Me: "Yeah, Blaine. Also - Barbie and Ken broke up."
Elayna: "No way."
Me: "Yes way! Barbie broke up with Ken."
Elayna: "Why?!?"
Me: "I guess she wanted to explore other options. She's dating Blaine now."
Elayna, again incredulous: "How do you know this stuff?!?"
Me: "Dude. I collect Barbies."
Elayna: "I know you collect them! But how do you know this other stuff? You're a mom!"
Me: "I have my finger on the pulse of today's youth."
Elayna: "..."
Me: "That's another way of saying what I said earlier - I like to keep up on the stuff you like, dude."
Elayna: "Cool..."

Seriously, man. I know what she listens to, and I read some of the books she reads. I just like to know what she's into, y'know?

Elayna: "Have you ever heard of a Hover Disc?" *goes into loooong, obviously memorized-from-the-commercial speech about the Hover Disc*
Me: "Do they sell that in stores? Or just on TV?"
Elayna: "In stores, too, but I wrote down the phone number - oh! Mommy! I forgot to tell you! I write on my hand now too!"
Me: "Just like me!"
Elayna: "Yeah! I even use a green pen like you. Or a purple one. Whichever's closest."
Me: "Just like me."

She does want to be just like me, gods help her. She wears my old Les Mis shirt as a nightshirt. She writes (and draws, though I just write) comics. When I braid my hair, she wants hers braided...

And she loves it when I wear the "Warrior Princess" earrings she got me last Mother's Day. She doesn't make a thing out of it, but I catch her smiling when she notices that I'm wearing them.

This kid is amazing, and I'm so lucky to have her. So lucky.

And I really hope she'll be like Rory. On Gilmore Girls. See, I am Lorelai. Ask wolflady26. And my mom is so Emily.

And Lorelai and Rory are really close. Mother/daughter relationship clearly defined, but also friends. And Rory knows she can talk to her mom about everything.

I really hope that it stays this way - that she keeps wanting to be like the good parts of me. That we can always talk.

Because I love this. And I love her.

I am such a lucky mom.
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