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Spider-Man 2


I mean seriously. I mean so good that I forgot to do the little bouncy things I do when things are good. I mean seriously, man.

Maguire improves exponentially as not just Spidey - but as Peter Parker, which is even more important. J. Jonah is fuckin' perfect, seriously.

Alfred Molina?

Best Supporting Actor.

I swear to you that he deserves it.

On a less hyper note....

I firmly believe that Spidey is the best-loved hero of all time. Superman is admired. Spider-Man is loved. Because he's one of us. Because he's not bulletproof. Because he gets overwhelmed sometimes. Fucks up sometimes.

We love Spidey not because he's Spidey, but because he's Peter Parker.

And that makes him unique in all of comicdom.

And the genius of Raimi & co. is not only that they realize that...

...but they know that you could make a Spider-Man movie without a villain.

They know that they could make a Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man.

Because underneath everything... there's Peter Parker. And that's the story.

They're all fuckin' brilliant. Go see the movie.
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