Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Wednesday!

And verily I say "w00t!"
We have achieved wall unit! *bliss* Now we pay his mom back $100 at a time, oh yes. Credit at the Bank of Parents is a good thing.

She has commissioned sample invitations. From a place that does custom work. There will be no off-the-rack for us. I feel like I should have Vera freakin' Wang measuring me right about now.

I'm not really sure about the dress I was going to wear anymore. It's fine for a backyard wedding, but I'm not wondering if I ought to go a little more formal; still not A Wedding Dress, but something quasi-elegant. We'll see. If I could find a solid ivory version of that dress... I really like the style...

Weighty Matters
And I know I have body image issues, I know, but I cringed when I looked at those pictures, because they don't look like I'm supposed to look; I look chubby by my standards. And keep in mind that my standards for me are radically different from my standards for everyone else. I like girls with curves. But I can't handle what I see in those pictures on myself.

More pictures because what the hell.
I look like I'm wearing eyeshadow in this one. The lighting, I s'pose. I don't own eyeshadow.

And this is the one that my current default icon comes from. That's one photognome didn't pose me for; I was just goofing off.

Those were over a year ago. Maybe if photognome has time at some point, he can shoot me again, post-weight-loss...

All of those are by photognome, incidentally. He's about the only person alive who can get good pics of me.

If anyone talked to me during like the last half of yesterday and gave me any information that would be important to know, please repeat. I had what was probably not an actual seizure, but a little mini seizure precursor thing, so my brain went plaid. This includes the dates of my Boston trip. *sheepish grin* Current side effects are just the constant nausea and the Really Bad spindizzies.

Okay. I go now.
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