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14 Girls in 14 Days - Capri

I have time before lunch, so I'll do Capri.

I mean, everybody else does.

Kidding, I'm kidding... much love for this girl. I actually don't know if many of you like her or are interested, because Lyric, Donna, and Jessa get brought up *way* more often than anyone else. But as I said the other day, she was the first of the characters that appeared in my brainmeats, and I've known her, in various forms, for half my life. So.

Name: Capri Sara Donnelly. Usually identifies with House Bartomn, but also, later, with House Tamra; she's an even split, almost.
Orientation: Bi. About 70/30 towards men. She's more selective with women.
Significant Other: Capri plays around - but it has always been, will always be, Halloran.

Background: Capri is the daughter of Jessamyn - the last acting Kithraya of House Tamra. She grew up safe and happy with the families of the other Kithrayna; Kieran (who calls her Kip - he misprounced her name as a kid, not being that much other than her) was her best friend practically from birth.

Until the Purges. When preteen Capri saw her parents brutally murdered by Hounds - literally torn limb from limb. Her own shields, strong enough to be physical, were faltering and about to give out... Halloran, who'd just lost *his* parents, happened upon her and saved her. And when he scooped her up in his arms, a kiri bond of unprecedented strength snapped into place - leaving their minds essentially interwoven.

Halloran insisted that Capri stay with him; he was frantic at the idea of leaving her. So Fenris moved the both of them into the Kirayth's stronghold, hiding her from Alanna and the Council, and they began the long process of untangling their minds to become two separate people again. Even after this, it took Capri some time to start speaking again.

She rallied, though, and became the bouncy, vivacious girl we know... and, being in a tower full of really hot guys... she became fairly promiscuous as soon as she was old enough. She promised Fenris and Halloran that she'd wait until she was sixteen (Dasaroi age of maturity) before having sex, and she did; Kieran was her sixteenth-birthday present to herself. :)

But since she was fifteen, it's always been Halloran for her - her kiri, her love. Nothing will happen there for years to come, though...

Capri is sweet and determined and loving. She still has the nightmares, but no one but Halloran knows. And she's a lot stronger than people think.
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