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14 Girls in 14 Days - Julia

I've really been digging in my heels over this one. I'm just trying to figure out how to do a Julia profile without massive spoilers, because, y'know, she's the main character, so a lot of spoileriffic stuff happens to her. But. I'll try. And then I can get on with the other girls, who are easy to not-spoil. So.

Name: Julia Stone (ni'Tamra)
Orientation: About 90% straight.
Significant Other: Okay, it really won't be spoiling anything to say she's going to end up with Kieran. But there will be someone else as well, someone who has not been mentioned at *all* so far.

Background: Katrina escaped from a Council compound with newborn Julia, and left her with friends. Splitting up, in case the Council figured out that Katrina wasn't dead and came after her. Julia lived happily with her adoptive parents until they died in a car accident when she was four. With no relatives to go to, she entered the foster care system.

She was bounced from home to home - she was belligerent, a difficult child. When she was ten, she finally ended up with a family who wanted to keep her. She grew very close to her younger foster sister Megan, and had sort of an uneasy truce with her high-school-age foster brothers. Until, years later, they started... doing things to her, is how she'd say it.

And one day, they went too far - and her latent power activated in full force. Healing turned inside out, and she accidentally killed her entire family.

The flare of tremendous power was felt by almost every Dasaroi - but only Jason, Katrina, and Julia's sisters were able to feel who it was. Well, all but one of Julia's sisters; Alanna was too high to feel a damn thing that night. Tessa immediately called Jason, and they helped track down where Julia had been - but she was already gone, having slammed an impenetrable shield down over herself and run like hell.

Julia has managed to survive five years on the streets, at the point where Our Story Begins.

Aaaand I won't say anything about after that.

Theme Songs: She's mostly punk, with some Celtic seeping in. Current theme songs include "Black Friday Rule" (among other songs) by Flogging Molly, "Anything (Viva!)" by Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel, and "The Gauntlet" by Dropkick Murphys.

Next up, in order of request: Capri, Tessa, Tyka, Lyric, Jessamyn, Alanna, and Donna.
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