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* Last night I dreamed of G. (nearlysanenow) and of kires. I have no idea what I dreamed. Just that they were there. And no, they weren't sex dreams, you doofs. :P

* It's almost 11 and I am still the only person in the office.

* I have the "Meats of Evil" chant from Invader Zim going through my head. This is murnkay's fault.

* Last night, I got the last of the me-boxes cleared out. Now there are only yendi -boxes. *whipcrack*

* Food smells = bad right now. Because the nausea is bad. So guess what? My co-secretary, who just arrived (I'm going to keep editing this so's not to flood your friendspage) has just made popcorn. *whimper*

* About two hears hence, storytime...
katrianna: "I did what I had to do."
shawnfarrell: "Interesting phrasing. Most people would have said that they did what they felt was right."
Tags: shayara, shayara.katrianna, shayara.shawn
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