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Happy Monday!

Hello to new readers housellama, rhiannonhero, sophie_love, tisiphonemoon, and wicketbird!

I will be defriending y'all's secondary journals - the writing journals, the sex journals. And friending them and my syndicated feeds on shadesong2. To make room for the tuuuuna more people on this reading list.

Actually, if you want to go ahead and add shadesong2 on your secondary journals, that makes my job easier, so go ahead and do that, 'k? And I'll get to this when I have spare time.

Heh. Spare time. That's funny.

Catwoman: The Barbie Doll!
Yes. the Catwoman movie has spawned a Barbie doll.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Drug Update
Oh yeah. The nausea returns. Fun fun fun!

I'm doing Blog-A-Thon on July 17! For the uninitiated, this is how that goes...

1. I commit to posting an entry every half hour for 24 hours.
2. You pledge money to the charity of my choice. It was The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network last year; this year, I'm going to see if my local rape crisis center can set up an online donation page. Because they need the money there.
3. You send me your e-mail receipt so I know you donated and can keep track of stuff.

This is a charity event! I do not see one penny of this. It's just staying up all night for a good cause. Last year, I raised approximately $2,000 for RAINN. Yay!

Last year, I offered an exclusive Shayara story as an incentive, but it took me forever to deliver, as I was seriously blocked. This year, I plan to have whatever incentive I offer done before the blogathon.

So. Ideas? What ought I to offer? And naked pictures are right out, y'all, so don't even try. :P
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