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My goodness, I'm hyper tonight.

Wrting all day. Writing is of the good.

I fell into Alanna's head, which is a very strange place to be - and got a look at exactly how her logic functions. She doesn't understand that killing Michael and the rest of the Hallorans, and ordering the Purges that decimated the city and nearly obliterating House Tamra - that that was a bad thing. She just, with hindsight, realizes that killing Ryan's lover in front of him - even though she didn't know they were lovers at the time - was a bad idea.

Because now he doesn't like her.


There's more. And there's more that I didn't read to the group. But. Yes. Wrote lots and lots of other stuff too.

And now I'm allll hyper.

I think that I shall perhaps try to go walk off the hyper.

EDIT: 5 minutes later, crash. No hyper. Exhaustion. Whee?
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