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Saturday morning quicktakes

* I am baking cookies for the Writing Marathon. Yes. The molasses cookies. Don't you wish you were there? I thought so.

I do not approach the stove often. But when I do, it's worth it.

And actually, it's yendi who's handling the stove part, because I am once again not allowed.

* I have an exasperated sense of amusement about being the girl whose doctors say, "But that doesn't make sense..." and "That's not supposed to happen..." Because, y'know, it figures. *laugh* At least they're certain of the lesion, the way-too-small hippocampus, the cause of the seizures. That much is textbook temporal lobe epilepsy. It's the side effects that confuse them. Also the fact that they dropped my dose 1/4 and my lamotrigine levels dropped over 1/2. That confused them. *laugh*

* I fell asleep about 8:30ish last night. I've been exhausted by around 6 every night this week. My body is telling me to lay the hell down.

* I couldn't find the images I was supposed to find for the Writing Marathon project. Wanted to print them, but fell asleep. Thank you for the offer, though, thejunebug... maybe sometime else soon? I do wanna do the project.

* Speaking of pics, I finally go the Vegas ones uploaded last night. w00t. Will post maybe later this weekend.

Okay. Back to cookies!
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