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My brainmeats

Just heard back.

Liver, kidney, thyroid, hemoglobin = all okay.

Lamotrigine levels are low.


They were a bit elevated in January, when I had the resurgence in side effects. She says there's a fuzzy range of 4 to 18 with this stuff. I was at 12, which was a little too much.

So she dropped me from 400mg to 300mg.

Now I'm at 5.

My levels aren't high-due-to-weight-loss. They're low. I have to bump back up to 350, to where some days I couldn't walk straight and I was nauseous all the time and couldn't hold onto my words. And when I bumped up 50 by 50 when I first started these meds I was thrown totally off my brain for about a week each time.

I don't have to lower my dose. I have to raise it. I have to go through all of this shit all over again.
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