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14 Guys in 14 Days - Brendan, Victor, Joseph

I'm combining. Do you not love me for that? Yes. I thought so.

Name: Brendan Rothschild (ni'L'arath)
Background: Brendan, a native of Southern Utah, was brought into the fold directly by Jason. He's the youngest of five children, and the only one in his family with any spark at all.. and what a spark it is!

Upon arriving in Shayara, Jeramie takes him under his wing, which Brendan finds highly intimidating.

In the position of Jeramie's second-in-command, Brendan frequently has to deal with Alanna and the Council. This often makes him wish he'd never come to Shayara in the first place...

He and Shawn become fast friends upon Shawn's arrival in Shayara, and he harbors a Very Secret Crush on Marina ni'Tarak.

Excerpt, from Issue #4... mind, he's not a coward, she just SERIOUSLY freaks him out:
We cut to a scene inside the L’Arathi stronghold – a L’Arathi woman, older, hangs up the phone and walks into a room off of the main chamber. The room isn’t small, but it looks claustrophobic now – Alanna’s there, pacing in front of a chair in which Brendan is near-cowering. She’s surrounded by a complement of Hounds as well as Janos and Olivia, two Councillors. “He’s on his way,” the L’Arathi woman says.

Alanna smiles fiercely. “Good. I thought he would be.” We focus on her now. She stops pacing and faces Brendan. “Has to rescue you, hmmm?”

Brendan swallows hard. “I’m sure I don’t need rescuing, my Lady.”

Alanna scowls. “Your Lady?” The Hounds behind her pick up her anger and perk up. “Your Lady?!? I am not your “Lady”, you insolent little coward, I’m your Lishaya.” As she says this, she places a foot on the chair cushion, and she grabs him by the throat. Growl of the Hounds behind her. “I may not be able to rip your throat out, but they are – and they do anything I tell them to.” Singsonging the anything-I-tell-them-to bit. She clasps her hands behind her back and looks terribly cute for a moment. “What am I, little wolf?”

Brendan, shaking: “My Lishaya.”

Alanna smiles ferociously. “Gooood boy.” She pats him on the head. “What was your name again?”


Alanna: “Brrrren-dan.” She’s been pacing again and stops suddenly, dropping to a crouch in front of him, her hands on his thighs. She looks up at him earnestly, mock-innocently. “You don’t like me, Brendan. Why don’t you like me?” She smiles slowly, her hands creeping up slightly. “I could make you like me, you know. Would you like that?”

Brendan: “N-no, my Lishaya. I – I –“

Jeramie’s voice from the doorway: “Alanna, my dear.”

Alanna bounces up to see him in the doorway. “Jeramie! Just in time – your little lackey was getting very, very boring.”

Jeramie: “And you always break your toys, I know.” He grins. “Alanna, my precious little jewel, my Lishaya…”

She cocks her head and smiles. “Yeees?”

He crosses the room in just a few strides – he’s just inches from her, towering over her, and her eyes go huge as he growls, “I am not a thing to be summoned.”

No reaction from the Hounds. Alanna, who had been rocking back and forth and was on tiptoe, slowly eases down. “Jeramie, I –“… but words fail her.

Jeramie turns to Brendan: “Brendan. Go out for a walk. Take your time. We’ll talk when I get back.” Truly malevolent expression on Jeramie here. Alanna is pale and silent. Brendan nods and scoots, quickly. Once outside the house, he stops and sighs, visibly gathering himself.

Name: Victor ni'Narsan
Background: Ah, Victor. Flashy, gallant - imagines himself almost as a knight of King Arthur's court. During the Purges, in fact, he fought the Hounds in a manner that Fenris could only disbelievingly term "motorcycle jousting".

Victor's twentysomething; he grew up knowing that he wanted to be Kirayth, and joined up as soon as Fenris would let him. He's funny, and a hell of a ladies' man. He's far more serious than you'd expect from his whimsical behavior - sobering up in an instant if need be, and he's actually one of the more dangerous of the Kirayth.

Name: Joseph Keleyn
(A note on naming: the Houses that aren't of the Seven Great Houses, the ones who are born later, don't use the "ni" honorific. Hence Joseph Keleyn, Sara Tallart, etc.)

Background: Joseph is the most philosophical of the Kirayth. Quiet. Gorgeous, but quiet... intentionally fading into the background. He's only had a few romantic relationships over the years. His sense of humor is dry and goes over many people's heads; his smile is quirky and wry. If you are his friend, you're his friend for life - and your enemies are his enemies.

Significant Other: Sara Tallart.
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