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14 Guys in 14 Days - Trey

Katrianna's half-brother. Well, half-brother to the others as well, but she's the one who was raised with him.

To give you an idea, from issue #2:

...they arrive at her suite, which is lavishly appointed. Four-poster bed, vanity table, walk-in-closet, bookcases – lavish, yet impersonal. The lackeys set the suitcases on the bed and depart. Kat looks around, sighs, unlatches the suitcases – removes a shirt or two, then slowly turns back toward the door, obviously with spider-sense fully tingling. She sees Trey lounging against the doorframe, grinning maliciously… as the shirt she’s holding falls from suddenly nerveless fingers, Trey seductively says, “Hey, little sister.”

[NOTE: That's part of a comic script. Not prose writing in itself. So don't judge it as that, 'k?]

So. This might be spoilerish too...

Name: Trey ni'Tamra
Background: Trey is Steven's illegitimate son by Sandra Tallart, a Councillor in Shayara. Upon her death, Trey is sent to live with Steven in his compound.

Being raised in the heart of the Council, Trey grew up vicious - the kind of kid who goes for the animal cruelty. He's hard-eyed even at 15.

About six months after moving to the compound, Trey stolen a vial of Jericho (see Steven's background), broke into 13-year-old Katrianna's room, administered a dose, and raped her, taking her virginity - the Jericho rendering her telepathically mute, unable to call for help.

This pattern continued for several years, ending only when Kat left the compound at age 17 to explore the world and learn new techniques.

Anais Rowan moved into the compound about a year afterward, and the most absurd thing happeneed - he fell in love. He struggled deeply with these emotions... and shortly after Kat returned, he and Ani became lovers.

Lovers, yes. But Trey was a violent bastard - so, unable to sate himself with gentle Ani, he began to take it out on Kat once again...

Trey is a soldier for the Council - and he works largely undercover. Keep an eye out for him...
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